November 13, 2006

Took the GRE today. Let us all give a word of thanks that that is over. Given how the next month goes (applications, recommendations, and the like), I may or may not try to take it again. Maybe. It sucked pretty bad. I thought mid-way through the Math section, “Wow, maybe I should be going slower.” Now, I just wait for the Writing section to be scored. Hopefully, I’ll still get into graduate school.

I guess I’m mad because I didn’t start studying sooner or more aggressively. And that I spent all that time for the last two weeks studying, and it feels like it was all for naught.

Tomorrow is a 10-hour work day. But it’s at the [Framing Job], so it’s cash under-the-table and I get to smoke inside, and, I’m my own boss. So I think I’ll just surf the internet all day.

I can’t think of anything else to write. I sat down to blog, and I got really boring. I’ll try to think of something later.