November 10, 2006

I will let people punch me repeatedly in the ovaries for having said that I wasn’t excited to go to The Decemberists concert.

Simply put: Fucking Amazing. The Boy, The Pretty Twin and I were all able to go, and we got center standing spots. I had a fairly clear view of the whole band for the entire concert. My favorite part about Decemberist shows is that Colin Meloy cares about the audience, and it’s really funny when he plays puppet master with the crowd. During the show, he made three dance contest circles; made one side of the standing crowd compete with the other side with “la dee dah-s” during 16 Military Wives; and during A Cautionary Song, we were part of the group that was with Chris Funk (hurdy-gurdy extraordinaire) “digging trenches” and “pissing on the Germans”. The band wandered through the crowd during A Cautionary Song.

The final song was from The Crane Wife, called Sons & Daughters, which is very Irish/Scottish immigrant anthem. At the end a part where it repeats, “Hear all the bombs fade away” for about a minute and a half. Colin had the whole crowd cheer for voting (albeit for the Democrats), and the entire theater sang along for a minute and a half of “hear all the bombs fade away”. I’ll admit it: I got choked up with the whole crowd singing along, with the music fading away and just all singing. It was really moving.

The Boy, The Pretty Twin and I waited for the band after the show. We talked with Chris for about 20 minutes and, as The Boy put it, “had a smoke break with him.” Jenny and whichever extra they had (it wasn’t Petra, who disappeared, we’re not sure where) were both very nice and conversational. Colin was really funny and pleasant.

I guess that’s what I’m struck by, is just how fucking nice they were. Real people playing music.

Okay, I think I got totally lame. But last night was one of the best of my whole life. Bar none.