November 8, 2006

I worked from 8-2 today.? I’m doing okay with waking up early: the only significant problem that I had was yesterday when the alarm rang at 7:00 (which is about 35 minutes before I have to leave) and I just laid there and though, “Wow, I already hate this job, I don’t want to get up.”

I don’t in fact, hate the job.? I actually like the job.? When I’m in the department I was hired for.? Today, I was filling in for unloading stock…which really is a mess: retail at Christmas is hell, when you go through the machinations.? Working with customers, alarmingly, isn’t so bad as far as my department is concerned.? They aren’t lined up like cattle and ready to go home with you standing in the way of their freedom.

Tomorrow, I get to do the same thing over again.

My first letter of recommendation came back today in the mail. It was glowing, and I’m excited. I may just get into OSU’s program yet. Yesterday was the first time that I considered that I might just not get in. I don’t know for certain what my plans will be. Tentatively, if I don’t get into OSU’s program, I’ll move down to Ashland, live with The Boy, work at [Retail Job]’s location down there, and see if I can get into Ashland University’s MBA program. We’ll see…it’s better than no plan at all.

In GRE news: I’ve moved on to studying the Verbal section. Things are going pretty well, I wish I felt more confident, and I wish I had more time to study. I wish I had learned my lesson this time about studying in advance.? At least I made an effort to study this time. It’s a minor improvement.