November 6, 2006

I had the worst lunch ever today. And I made it. I know that no one wants to read about what I had for lunch, but tough noogies. Here’s what I ate:

  • roast beef on toasted wheat with lettuce, tomato, mayo and horseradish (It was soggy and tasted like limp ass)
  • carrot sticks (I thinkmy mother used them for juicing, or they were old, because they were rubbery)
  • a fruit cup: apples with “caramel sauce” (It was like caramel-flavored pudding[?] that was the consistency of glue. That said, it was the best part of my lunch.)
  • snack cracker (admittedly, also good, but not as good at the fruit cup-cum-dessert)

Ugh, let’s hope I get better at making work lunches. Charlie always seemed to like the ones I made for him. Physician, heal thyself!

Anyway, today is a full day at the [Frame Shop]; which consists of a lot of boring peforated by a few interesting moments (like, when I rotate a frame, and surf the internet all day). I brought my GRE book to study, but it’s 4:30, we close at 6, and I haven’t actually looked at it.

Thursday is The Decemberists concert. I’m an idiot and scheduled an 8 am shift at [Retail Job]. I’m an idiot. I was thinking through all of these hare-brained string-pulling that would make my mother proud before I just gave up and realized that I’m 22 years old for God’s sake, and I have stamina, and I’m going to the damn show that I didn’t have to pay for. I just won’t drink, and I’ll take a nap before I go to The Boy’s house to drive to the show. And, I’m making “someone” buy me a t-shirt for the trouble. The Decemberist’s have a new CD, “The Crane WIfe”, which they put out on Capitol Records, so they are no longer an “indie” band. The Boy and The Pretty Twin love the new CD, and I haven’t listened to it with any regularity, but there’s only about two songs that I can tolerate. I know they’ll play a ton of stuff from The Crane Wife, but hopefully, there will be enough of the other CDs that I’ll like the show. Wish me luck, if I’m dead on Friday and my NaBloPoMo post is a signle line of gibberish, then you know why.

If I had other news, I’d tell it to you. But I’m fresh out.