November 2, 2006

Well, my dad and I fixed the humidifier that used to be in their bedroom, so I’m going to return the humidifier filter that I paid $10 for yesterday. But, we had to clean all of the minerals out of it that had collected in it, in which I inverted the digital/electrical unit, and soaped and rinsed it thoroughly.

I’m going to pause, let you read that sentence again, and realize what an idiot I am.

Of course, I had be warned not to get vinegar in it (to clean off the minerals), but apparently, water is a far superior substance, in which The Rules do not apply. They do. I spent all morning wringing my hands and waiting for my dad to come in and ask how it was going so that he can see the water in the digital readout looking like a fountain pen disaster.

But yea! for life sometimes takes the shit sandwich back to the kitchen (free of charge) and brings out a cherry sundae. It’s now cranking happily away, the readout none the worse for wear. I’ve learned my lesson: water doesn’t get special privileges over vinegar.

Perhaps, when I’m feeling more intrepid, and as a date draws nearer, I’ll tell out about people I envy on the internet.