November 1, 2006

Twice a year, like clockwork, I get a crappy feeling that saturates everything. Mine struck Sunday night, the night before I had to start at [Retail Job] with an 8 a.m. shift. I felt loopy when I stood up, my throat hurt, and I was pretty lethargic. I added to that a sore throat and something post-nasaly and drippy. I was actually wiped out enough on Monday that I sat in front of the TV after I got home from work until I took a shower to go to DedrickHaus, and didn’t surf the ‘net. I was almost dying.

I’ve spent roughly $18 to fix what seems to be clearing up. I realized one of the only things that makes my throat not hurt is the humidifier; but I had to pull it out of the storage locker, and then buy a filter (which Wal-Mart didn’t have, and the one I got at Drug-Mart was $6 more than at Wal-Mart). And I had to put Chloraseptic spray and lozenges on my credit card because I forgot my damn debit card in my work pants.

In other news, work is fine. I’ve been training this week. I can see where I’m already getting sick of the job; that said, I did spend all day on register, which I fucking hate. When I get to Jewelry/Beauty, hopefully, it will be better.

I’m finally opening my GRE books and studying, even though my test is Monday the 13th. Apparently, I haven’t learned anything about time management.