October 11, 2006

So, interestingly enough, my job situation kind of worked itself out. Sort of. Basically, I was tired of getting the run-around from my boss and she seems to not really need/want me to work for her, so I’m looking for another job. Kohl’s near my house is hiring, so I’m applying for that job. Wish me luck, I guess. I’m nervous about starting another new job. I’m so lame.

My parents got a new treadmill, so I’ve been running like a fiend to get back to my highschool size, which was thin, but healthy. I gained a ton of weight my freshman yeah of high school eating catered food, and then lost it all and then some walking home 10 minutes from the bus stop with a 40-pound backpack. And even though I was driving to school my last two years of high school, I still managed to stay decently trim (although I attribute that to my myriad of depressive/self-abusive turmoil).

Charlie says that he sees a difference. My only real hope is not to fit into a size 0 (which would kind of be cool, but let’s face it, just not possible on my body frame), but to get rid of the little (but odd-looking) gut.

In graduate school news, I finally got seriously cracking on the application materials. My list of things I’ve done:

  • I’ve downloaded the PDF guide to the graduate school admissions process,
  • pirnted the application check-list,
  • printed the recommendation forms for others to send out,
  • printed both the graduate assistant and fellowship application forms
  • requested two transcripts from both Tri-C and Ashland, and
  • written letters to two of the three people I would like to write recommendation letters for me.