Color Names

Sometimes, I can’t figure out what some colors are by the names they have. So, I decided that I was going to post some funky-named colors and what colors they are here.


Cerise is a deep to vivid purplish red. The name comes from the French word meaning cherry. The word “cherry” itself comes from the Norman cherise.


Zinnwaldite is a color that resembles the mineral Zinnwaldite.
I included a link to the source because God knows I don’t know what the mineral Zinnwaldite looks like.


Aubergine is actually the name for the eggplant berry; the other name for “Eggplant Purple.”


A chartreuse color looks like the one of the French liqueur named chartreuse (liqueur).
The web color chartreuse is a shade of green with a slight yellow tint. It is equivalent to the color traditionally known as harlequin, which is the color between Yellow-Green and Green on the Color wheel, and thus it is a pure chroma.

The color has traditionally been known as harlequin because it was the color of the costume worn by jesters, and “harlequin” is a synonym for jester. The name harlequin for this color has been in use since 1923.

All information from The Replacement for Proper Research on the ‘Net