October 3, 2006

My time spent in Ashland for Homecoming was awesome. Thank you Erica and Laura for visiting with me in your apartment, and I’m sorry that I got violently ill later and ruined our night out. I hope that you had fun anyway, despite me ruining it.

In short, I missed a call from my boss to work for her last Wednesday, and when I called the next day, she told me that I’d “ruined her day”. I had been completely freaking out about it, worried that I’d screwed up, and that I was going to get fired, and when she said that, I just realized, “Eh, fuck it, I have to get another job anyway.”

I think she’s “teaching me a lesson” right now and not calling me to work for her until she has to go for drunk-driving weekend. Whatever. I need the money, but it’s not worth the abuse.

I still haven’t worked out what’s going on with moving. Right now, I can’t afford to move, and I don’t know what’s really going on with Charlie and I, and grad school, and figuring out how that’s all supposed to work together. It’s very difficult. For now, I’m just going to worry about getting in to grad school before I actually figure out moving.

Other than that, there’s not much to tell. I have all of my pictures in a photo album. And when I get access to a scanner, I promise I’ll try to get them up on my Facebook page, and provide a link.

Edited to Add: I forgot the most important thing I was going to add.

I almost died last night. Literally. I almost choked to death. Thank God Charlie is trained in CPR.

And as a side note, avoid choking. First of all its really panic-inducing, and no one needs that. Secondly, be aware that if you have the Heimlich done on you, you’re 95% likely to throw up on top of getting out whatever was caught on your throat. I really should send Charlie’s Mother something for scaring the crap out of her and almost having to call 911.

I’m embarrassed that I’m an idiot. Literally, I don’t think I will ever live this down. Part of me wishes that I had totally died…because I’m dying of embarrassment every time I think of it.