Etiquette Books I Have Been Reading Lately

I’ve been obsessed recently with all things etiquette.

I’ve been fascinated with the subject of etiquette for a long time (despite what a lot of my friends would like to think). But really, when I get right down to it, it bothers me that there are people who don’t know that you write a thank-you note when someone sends you a gift, or invites you to a dinner party, or recommends you for a job. It also bothers me when people use their utensils like billy clubs and shovels on their food. I’m not saying that you have to know how to eat American and European style and for shame! if you switch between the two during dinner. But please, seriously, it’s really gross to stare into your gaping maw when you yawn, cover your mouth.

Anyway, I just got through with Charlotte Ford’s 21st-Century Etiquette, which I liked, because it wasn’t antiquarian, which I find to be the problem with reading Emily Post or Miss Manners. That said, I think that the Post Institute and Miss Manners are good guides to read for etiquette because you never know when you’ll need to know the paradigm of a certain bit of polite behavior. And, if you’re like me, you like knowing all of the earliest etiquette practices.

I’m now reading Jane Buckingham’s The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. Even though I find her and her show a little obnoxious with OMGZ TEH WORKING MOTHER stuff, I am hoping that this book is a really nicely well-rounded guide to manners, tipping, apprpriate behavior, what-have-you.

And, I’ll hope against hope, maybe a certain annoying twit in my universe will read it and pick up some tips. Said person’s birthday is coming up in the next few months.