Work Issues

So, I work at a frame shop. I took the job under the assumption that it would be part time. That’s cool. I knew that if I wanted to make significant money, I’d have to take on a second job. It’s a cushy job and I get paid under the table, I have great hours (when I get them), and I am trusted to do what I’m supposed to do when my boss is out of town.

However, I have a litany of problems with this job which are starting to overpower how much I like this job.

At this point, I can’t fathom getting a second job for two reasons.

  1. My boss doesn’t have me on a set schedule. It’s when she needs me to be there because she’s doing other stuff. And,
  2. I’m looking to move in with The Boy, soon-ish, as well as maybe moving straight to Columbus.

I told my boss that I was thinking of moving at the end of October, and she just said, “Well, that’s when the busy season starts. I’ll need you to help me find someone who has some kind of art background.”

I felt bad because I committed at the end of the summer to be there through December (before I realized how much I hated living at home). So, I put my wants and needs on hold because I can’t afford to move out as it is, and because my boss needs the help.

But now I’m not getting any hours. The most hours I have had was this Saturday (8 hours), and Monday (9 hours), because my boss was out of town. I will have hours the weekend after Homecoming weekend (17 hours). Other than this, I come in maybe two times a week for 2-4 hours at a time. And my boss doesn’t tell me when I’m working next. I hear, “Well, I might need you Saturday” or “Can you come in tomorrow?”

Then, she asked yesterday if I was still planning on moving at the end of October and I said no, which to some extent, is true. I haven’t done anything to plan because I’m stuck in neutral with this job. She then asks when I’m moving and I say, “Oh, well, I guess not till the end of December at this rate.”

Her reply was, “Good, I was getting worried.”


Here’s what I’m hoping: I know how to build wooden frames now, so that makes me more valuable. And if I get to do more around the shop, like building frames, I’m going to get more hours. If the holidays are as lucrative as she’s been saying, then I get to make some extra money befor eI move to Ashland/Columbus.

But, I get the sneaking suspicion that she can’t afford to pay me, or have me come in. Which means I’m stuck in a town working 15-20 hours per week, not making enough money, and unable to leave because I verbally committed to this job. When all I really want to do is leave and get some kind of real job.

I know that this is my fault and I should just get another job already, or I shouldn’t have verbally committed to this. But I really needed to vent. I’m feeling very stuck right now.

A Survey, Because I’m Like, 14

Date: September 26, 2006

Time: 10:32 AM


1. What’s your porn star name? (your first pets name, and your mothers maiden name)
Cookie Pertz. Lame.

2. What’s your soap star name? (your middle name, and your street name)
Oxford Naughton (I decided to switch it up a bit).

3. What’s your current screenname. Tell me the story of how it was chosen:
jnZettl: I just wanted something simple and professional.

4. In what year were you born?
1984. Hey, I was to be such a smashing success that George Orwell wrote a book about it.

5. Were you a planned pregnancy?
I guess so.

6. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
I went bowling and got sloshed.

7. How are you going to celebrate your next birthday?
I’m not really sure.

8. Who will you spend it with?
Probably Cameron.

9. What kind of town/city/village do you live in?

Chester Township. It’s “country-ish”, but close to the city.

10. Is it a famous place that attracts plenty of tourism?
Well, we have Patternson Fruitfarm, Holden Arboretum, Historic (Mormon) Kirtland, Lake FarmParks.� I suppose.

11. Any famous landmarks and etc?
Listed above.

12. Are your parents married or divorced?
Married 32 years.

13. Who do you share your house with?
Mom and Dad.

14. Are you considered as tall or rather short?
I’m taller for a girl.

15. How many email addresses do you have?
Two.� The one for this LiveJournal account, and then my professional one.

Food and Cookery
16. When it comes to diet and eating, how healthy are you?
I don’t like sugary foods, but I do like salty foods. But I love vegetables and vegan/vegetarian-style food.

17. What is your favourite food?
Tuna Sushi, x1000.

18. What do you eat when you’re bored?
Things out of boxes that I can pilfer from the fridge or the pantry.

19. Favourite junk food?

20. Happy food?
Cheese-covered fries or Macaroni and cheese.

21. Favourite restaurant?
Otani, Sushi on the Square.

22. Favourite take away?

23. Favourite sandwich fillings?
Roast beef, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard.

24. How well can you cook?
Extremely well, if I have the gumption.

[Question Deleted: Irrelevent, Unrelateable]

26. What do you cook most often?
Right now, spaghetti.

27. Any specialties?
None that I can think of; I haven’t cooked in like, forever.

28. Do you cook for family or friends, boyfriends/girlfriends?

29. Favourite fruits?
Pomegranite, pineapple, mango

30. Favourite veggies?
Jicama, cucumber, carrots.

31. Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian?
I eat meat, but I only eat free-range and I won’t eat veal anymore. I’m not about not eating things with a face, but really, why be unreasonably cruel to animals before we eat them?

32. What foods make you want to vomit/can’t you stand?
Cooked carrots, tripe, gefilte fish.

33. Favourite juices?
Cranberry (but I’m super picky about my cranberry juice; I want my face to fall off from pinching so hard from tartness).

34. Favourite fizzy stuff?
Diet Coke. Hands down. For the win.

35. Favourite alcohol?
Tequila and peach schnapps. But not together.

36. Do you prefer tea or coffee, or don’t you drink them altogether?
I don’t drink coffee. But I do like tea.

37. Are you a fussy eater?
I’ve been accused of it. But I don’t like I’m fussy. I just know what I like.

38. Ketchup, barbeque sauce or mustard:
Given those three, I guess barbecue sauce.

39. Are you a fan of microwave dinners?
Lean/Hot Pockets rock.

40. What do you eat for Christmas dinners?
Shrimpp cocktails, side dishes, turkey. I dunno. I haven’t had a Christmas dinner in a while.

41. Do you have cake on your birthdays (what kind)?
I hate cake. I make Birthday Brownies.

42. Favourite chocolates?
Lindt Mint Truffles.

43. Favourite ice cream flavors?
Blech. I can eat about a spoonful of Ben&Jerry’s Apple Pie ice cream and then I’m done.

44. Do you like seafood?
I like shellfish and tuna. I hate all other fish.

45. Diet Coke or Regular:
Diet. Otherwise, I’d be drinking half of my daily allotment of calories.

Holidays/Vacation and Traveling (depending on your nationality)
46. What holiday is most memorable to you and why?
Yule. I love getting together with the people I really love and drinking, eating, and making merry.

47. Worst holiday?
Valentine’s day. I just think it’s so commercial now and I don’t like how it ostracizes people who are single. Honor your lover every day if you have them. Don’t just use one day that’s cliche to tell them how much you value them.
Which, let me add: Sweetest Day. Ghey.

48. Favourite holiday?
Halloween. I love harvest time, the colors, the weather, the pagan roots. Everything.

49. Ever traveled out of the country – where?
England and Ireland. But I was four.

50. Favourite cities to visit?
Country towns.

51. Go on day trips often – where?


52. Been with family and friends?
Rather be with friends.

53. Furthest you’ve traveled alone?
Um, not really anywhere.

54. Do you want to travel the world?
Not really. I guess I’m not as cosmopolitan as I say I am.

55. Where do you want to go?
Out West: Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, North/South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana.

56. Where would you love to go on your honeymoon?
Out West.

57. Can you drive?

YOU – Social, Hobbies, Adventures
58. Favourite places to go:
Not sure.

59. Do you like museums and art galleries?

60. Do you eat out regularly?
Depends on where I am living.

61. Where did you last eat out and who with?

Bennigan’s with Cam and John.

62. When you’re bored, do you prefer to listen to music, play on computers, or watch TV?
Play on the computer.

63. Can you play an instrument?
The radio, the triangle, and the tambourine.

64. If not, were there many opportunities in school to play instruments?
Oh, I trained in flute and violin. And I hated every second.

65. Are you a bookworm?

Big time.

66. Are you outgoing?

Mostly. But I do small talk, I don’t like to talk to people about my deepest darkest.

67. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?

68. Do you like dancing?
Sort of. It depends on the dance.

69. How often do you exercise?
Like, never.

70. What do you do on the internet – research, chat, etc?
Search LiveJournal forums, read my email, chat.

71. Which friends do you love spending time with?

Cam, Candace, Jeff, Phi Mus.

72. What do you do together?

Hang, mostly.

73. Do you like to take photos?

When I remember my camera.

74. How would you describe yourself as a person?
Caring, forgetful, lacking self-confidence, people-pleaser.

75. Can you be stereotyped?
I’m sure I could.

76. Do you hang around with groups of people who dress the same as you?
I’m at the age where people dress themselves like pople, not to “make statements”.

77. What kind of people wouldn’t you waste your time getting to know?
People who are rude.

78. Do you often have deep, intense, intellectual conversations?


79. Have you inherited your intelligence from your parents?
I inherited my personality from my father.� My intelligence is what I’ve worked at.

80. Do you know what your IQ is?
Hopefully a little above average.

81. Are you academically smart or just smart?
A little of both, I guess.

82. How often do you meet pig ignorance?
Ignorance is largely choice. And that bothers me.

83. How do you dress?
I’m heading towards modern classic.

84. What kind of shoes do you wear?
High-heeled boots, flip-flops, my bowling-style tennish shoes.

85. What kind of jewellery do you wear?
I try to wear art jewelry as much as possible.

86. What kind of hair do you have?
Long with bangs.

87. What’s your eye colour?
Green/Brown Hazel.

88. Are there people out there you are keen to avoid?
Of course there are. People make me nuts.

Love and relationships (if you’re single, skip this section)
89. Are you bi, straight or gay?

90. Do you have a significant other?

91. What is their name?

92. How old are they?

93. What attracted you to them first?
He was a senior who was interested in a freshman.

94. Are you in love with them?
I’m in love with and love him.

95. Where do they live?


96. What do they do for a living?
Teach art.

97. Their personality features:
Funny, rational, procrastinator, logical, disorganized.

98. Do they make you go weak at the knees – why?

99. What do they look like?
My height, brown, long, curly hair, goatee, strong nose, weak chin, blue/green hazel eyes.

[Deleted — At My Age, Too Personal]

103. Your most recent kiss?
Last night.

104. Are you two romantic?

105. Do you hold hands in public?

106. Are you affectionate in public as well as private?
No, I hate PDA.

107. What turns you on about them?
His smile, his nerdiness, when he talks about guitars, how nice he is to me.

108. Most memorable moment with them?

Every moment.

109. Most romantic moment with them?
When he tells me about how we met.

110. What is your long term plan (job etc)?
School, hopefully; a job (hopefully).

111. Do you intend on marrying?
::sigh:: Yes.

112. If so – to who?

113. When would you prefer to marry?
::sigh:: Pass.

114. Do you want children?
Fuck no.

115. How many?

116. What will you name them?
Look Dammit, and Jesus Christ.

117. What kind of house would you want to live in?
Out in the country.

118. What pets do you want?
Horses, cats, dogs.

119. What were you afraid of then you were little?

I don’t remember.

120. Did you believe in fairies, goblins, ghosts and monsters?
Ghosts, to some extent.

121. Do you wear nail polish?

Not regularly.

122. What calendar do you have this year?’s sex positions.

123. Do you have a downstairs bathroom?

124. Worst names you can possibly think of?
Half of the names on Cameron’s class list.

125. Strawberry or raspberry jam?

126. Explain your house arrangement:
Too difficult. Three floors, three bedroom, three bath, master suite.

127. Ever ridden a horse?
Since I was six.

128. Do you have any pets?
Two cats.

129. Do you get along well with them?
When they care.

130. Who can you trust?
Very few people.

131. Who can’t you trust?
No one I don’t know well.

132. Favourite swearwords?

Shitfuck, prickface, fuck.

133. What are you wearing now?
Ashland yoga pants, Ashland hoodie.

135. Time now:

11:23 am.

Etiquette Books I Have Been Reading Lately

I’ve been obsessed recently with all things etiquette.

I’ve been fascinated with the subject of etiquette for a long time (despite what a lot of my friends would like to think). But really, when I get right down to it, it bothers me that there are people who don’t know that you write a thank-you note when someone sends you a gift, or invites you to a dinner party, or recommends you for a job. It also bothers me when people use their utensils like billy clubs and shovels on their food. I’m not saying that you have to know how to eat American and European style and for shame! if you switch between the two during dinner. But please, seriously, it’s really gross to stare into your gaping maw when you yawn, cover your mouth.

Anyway, I just got through with Charlotte Ford’s 21st-Century Etiquette, which I liked, because it wasn’t antiquarian, which I find to be the problem with reading Emily Post or Miss Manners. That said, I think that the Post Institute and Miss Manners are good guides to read for etiquette because you never know when you’ll need to know the paradigm of a certain bit of polite behavior. And, if you’re like me, you like knowing all of the earliest etiquette practices.

I’m now reading Jane Buckingham’s The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. Even though I find her and her show a little obnoxious with OMGZ TEH WORKING MOTHER stuff, I am hoping that this book is a really nicely well-rounded guide to manners, tipping, apprpriate behavior, what-have-you.

And, I’ll hope against hope, maybe a certain annoying twit in my universe will read it and pick up some tips. Said person’s birthday is coming up in the next few months.

Apparently, for All Intents and Purposes, I’m Still Very Boring

So far, so good.

And for a second there, I thought I had something to say.

I’ve been prepping for Halloween, and I’m looking forward to autumn out here in Chestertucky. Our house is surrounded by woods, so I’m very excited.

My plan for this Halloween is to dry out a lot of gourds and carve images into them. Not necessarily all of them scary faces, but I’m thinking a sparrow silhouette on one, a Japanese maple leaf on another, you get the idea. I’ll keep you updated on all of that.

I have a book from the library called, “Death Makes a Holiday: A Cultural History of Halloween.” So far, it’s really interesting, though it’s nothing I haven’t heard before. It’s nice to know concrete details. I’m thinking of getting some other books on pagan holidays/festivals because being close to nature has brought out that side of me.

In other news: not much has happened with writing or art. Go figure.

Sorry I’m boring. I think if I post every day, I won’t feel like I have nothing to say.

This Has Been Making Me Nuts for a While


American Heritage Dictionary
troop (trp)n.

1. A group or company of people, animals, or things.

1. A group of soldiers.
2. troops Military units; soldiers.
3. A unit of cavalry, armored vehicles, or artillery in a European army, corresponding to a platoon in the U.S. Army.

3. A unit of at least five Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts under the guidance of an adult leader.

4. A great many; a lot.

Not once does this dictionary definition allude to the idea that the word “troop” is singular!

I’m really tired of the drive-by media flogging grammar like it is its kinky mistress. When you want to refer to a soldier in your news coverage, you say “soldier”, not “troop”. “Troop” is plural. And if you want to refer to more than one soldier in your news coverage, you do not use the word “troops”.

Troop refers to a group that is joined together in a more significant way that a pluralization of one soldier. Think of it, if you will, as a group that was together before suggested incident brought them together for the purpose of news reporting.