I get it that the last message was cryptic.

In short: things aren’t great. But, I want sincerely for them to get better, and a big, big thanks to Erica for her to-the-point words. She was worried about saying them, but they helped, a lot.

I’m working on getting into contact with everyone. It’s a slow process: despite being unemployed, I’m busy with a lot of menial things and don’t have time to sit down and make the friendly niceities that I should. I’ll try to do better.

I’m a teensy bit sad that I won’t be going to Ashland as a student. I’m way sad that I won’t be going back to Ashland as my boyfriend’s girlfriend. It’s awkward and hard, and I’m trying to figure things out to make it work. I just need to come up with a solution.

Keep your fingers crossed, I’m applying for a paying job. I need something. I don’t want to go back to Heinen’s.

Be good.