July 29, 2006

The grant proposal for SHAC has finally been sent off, which is a big load off, at least I don’t have to worry about the ever-changing deadline approaching. Now, as I wait for an approval for a check of $3,000 to be put in my hot little hands, I have other things to work on. I must arrange a press-release, a call for entries, and design to postcards and programs for the event. Every little bit helps. Cross your fingers that the grant is approved.

I also have an uber part-time job at my mother’s friend’s framing shop. My job will be to take orders and make measurements for framing. It’s an easy job and my mother’s friend is cool. It’s not a serious job, but it’s money in my pocket. Well, it’s gas money to get to and from the job, oy.

In other news, I’ve added another serious contender to my graduate school list. Originally, it was just Ohio State University as the only school that I was seriously looking at, but I’ve been meeting with a graduate school counselor, and she pointed me in the direction of Carnegie Mellon University. Without getting into all of the details, they are both really good schools, and if I get accepted to both of them and I seem to get money from both to go there, it’s going to be a very difficult decision.

Charlie and I finally were out on a nice date for the first time in forever. But don’t misread my inflection: he and I have both been very busy and we are two of the most indecisive people ever, so picking something to do usually lands us at Steak ‘n’ Shake or Denny’s. Seriously, we need Special Olympic medals for having a nice date that we thought up on the fly. We went to a Japanese restaurant, and I tried to be Ben(Zen?)-like, and eat something traditional, but I think I’m going back to sushi. I can eat something strange if it has real flavor: the udon (noodles) were very good, but everything else in the soup was oddly-shaped and had no flavor. Sushi bar next time. But, Charlie absolutely loved his sushi and wants to go back.

We also saw Clerks II. There were three couples in the theater, and I think he and I were the only ones who weren’t n00bs, because we were laughing at all of the themes that had crossed over from Clerks I. There’s one scene in the movie where a character pulls a Jame Gumb, that comes as a hilarious shock. If Charlie and I had been the only ones in the theater, I would have been braying like a donkey with laughter, it was that fucking funny.

Charlie is very good to me. It was nice to go on a date.

My last week of school, wish me luck. It’s going to suck as pretty fucking hard.

Final bit of weird news: I’ve been dreaming about all of my ex-boyfriends lately, all of them semi-romantic. Though I’m not sure I believe in the metaphysical interpretation of dreams, I’m curious to know why all of a sudden my subconscious is leading me to all of these different guys…guys I haven’t even though about in years. It’s very odd. Damn subconscious.

July 22, 2006

So far so good. I’ve been working fairly hard on my SHAC work. Right now it’s finishing the grant letter, which, despite my best intentions, has taken longer than a month. Oy. But I’m finishing it today if it kills me, and it might.

I also have to study for my Spanish test, do the online homework, and write the paper.

Wouldn’t be a problem if my mom didn’t have me doing about thirty million things on top of entertaining guests.

I can’t wait for the alone time at the cabin with Charlie.

July 3, 2006

  • Moved.
  • Painted my whole bedroom in faux-finish (I will never do that again).
  • Went to school, tacking on another 15 minutes to my 40-minute commute.
  • Hung out with Charlie, a lot.
  • Ben is still in Japan until the 11th, and I’m driving by myself to Detroit to get him.
  • Painted my parents bedroom in an entire day.
  • Almost flunked out of Tri-C, meaning I need to pay more attention to school and less to moving.
  • Have been working on-and-off on my internship.
  • I have been working diligently on getting into grad school.