June 11, 2006

My brother left for his month-long stay in Japan today. The flight was departing from Detroit, so we drove three hours so he could sit in a plane for 14 hours. I’m not jealous.

But, get this. As we are taking 75 North to Detroit, and we cross the Michigan border I see a sign for “Beef Jerky Unlimited.” Dad and I love beef jerky, so we stopped in a town called Luna Pier to a store that is literally called “Beef Jerky Unlimited.” There was a limit, as is the case with finite objects, but it was pretty amazing with the selection.

They had a room full of barrels with several different kinds of jerky: honey barbecue, honey, teriyaki, jalapeno, garlic, hot & spicy. Good lord, and it wasn’t just beef, either, they had turkey jerky (though I’m not a fan, turkey jerky seems to have a lack of rich flavor to me). We stopped once on the way to the airport, bought and ate half a pound, and stopped on the way back and bought 3/4 of a pound.

A whole store dedicated to different jerkys.