11 Things – a Meme

  1. I watch Dawson’s Creek casually when I’m working on the computer.
  2. I hate living at home, but I’m looking forward to moving.
  3. I dream about running away to the beach and staying there all day, reading, writing and drawing.
  4. I don’t miss college and I don’t miss Ashland: I miss the simplicity.
  5. I just found my foutain pen and have fallen in love with it again.
  6. I am totally digging this professional, working thing. I’m such an office slut.
  7. I have no real concrete goals in life.
  8. I’m falling in and out of all of my phsycially destructive behaviors since coming home.
  9. I have a plumbing exam on Friday.
  10. I wish I had money to buy a canvas, I really want to paint again.
  11. My father and I are building me a studio in our new house.