11 Things – a Meme

  1. I watch Dawson’s Creek casually when I’m working on the computer.
  2. I hate living at home, but I’m looking forward to moving.
  3. I dream about running away to the beach and staying there all day, reading, writing and drawing.
  4. I don’t miss college and I don’t miss Ashland: I miss the simplicity.
  5. I just found my foutain pen and have fallen in love with it again.
  6. I am totally digging this professional, working thing. I’m such an office slut.
  7. I have no real concrete goals in life.
  8. I’m falling in and out of all of my phsycially destructive behaviors since coming home.
  9. I have a plumbing exam on Friday.
  10. I wish I had money to buy a canvas, I really want to paint again.
  11. My father and I are building me a studio in our new house.

I spent the night at [The Boy’s] family cabin in Lake Milton with his mother and father. I wish I could have stayed the whole weekend: anything to not have to be at home anymore. I enjoy the simplicity of the life out there. I had no watch, I didn’t take my cell phone out of my car the whole time. We spent most of the night hours in front of the fire pit in Adirondack chairs smoking and talking.

Fucking Livejournal ate my entry.

Met with my “boss” for the Shaker Arts Council. It’s going to be fun.

Went back to my old high school and became the Alumni correspondant for my class, and am working on the alumnae art show in October. And got a sticker for my car.

Son of a bitch.

Of course, the biggest worry in having an internet journal and a hand-written journal is that how much are you supposed to wax poetic online? I mean really, how many people want to listen to all of your angst?

I suppose that is the reason why the majority of all of my blogs have failed: I got too personal, and then felt offended that no one said anything to me in regards to my deep feelings. And then, of course, sometimes, you run the risk of of making the readers puke on all the bile you spill.

So, to keep it simple: I’ll try not to overbear with all kinds of poetic mewlings if you keep in touch.

I had a whole entry that I found at Laura’s (tigergerer) journal. But it went kablooey, so whatever.

I got back from being in Ashland over night, visiting Cameron. He’s been building kites with his students for art, so he had the prototype that we flew with Jeff and Candace (candance21) in the field behind the apartments. I can’t wait for the days when I don’t have to drive an hour and fifteen minutes just to spend time with my boyfriend and our “married people” friends. Angst, angst, angst.

Stil packing for the big move. I don’t care so much about moving, because I’ve done it for four years; but I don’t like the house and I don’t like how much money I’m going to be spending on gas in getting to school. I don’t want to live with my parents anymore, I want to move to Ashland and be with Cameron. But, I’ve been bitching about that to just about anyone who’ll listen.

Other news? Language classes start in less than a week. Still don’t have a full- or part-time job. I suck.

I’m boring, I have nothing to say.